A radical commitment to empowering Cincinnati's underrepresented small business owners

Our Mission


We serve because we reject racism and inequality in the Cincinnati community. Black and brown entrepreneurs have never had equal access to education, resources, and business support. COVID-19 has only exacerbated the situation, hitting the most vulnerable the hardest. We are radical advocates for the small businesses we serve, leveraging our expertise in all  things data. We do our work with deliberation, focusing on providing real, tangible value to our clients. We are pros at helping small business owners integrate the benefits of data-driven decision-making. Making decisions based on data is the future, and we want to be the bridge that enables our clients to overcome. In the future, we will make data-driven decision-making to all entrepreneurs. Our mission is to chart a path towards a fairer, more competitive Cincinnati economy! Please check out our vision for more information!


There is not a single large company that doesn'tuse data to make investment, purchasing, or other critical decisions. So, why should this discipline only be reserved to the largest and most powerful corporations? Our commitment to analytics consulting stems from our commitment to empowerment. We serve exclusively marginalized small businesses owners to empower with intent. With a vision of transformation, we seek to primarily collaborate with black, brown, women, and latine entrepreneurs. Reach out to us if you have any questions about eligibility or our past clients!


No BS - We live and breathe by this creed. We operate on a pro-bono basis because we want our services to be accessible, not because we are not focused on outstanding results. Our team is selected competitively and go through a rigorous selection process. We have the privilege to select only the brightest out of the applications we receive every year. Throughout the semester, our teams are mentored by experienced project leads and professional consultants at AMEND Consulting LLC. With our work comes a quality promise that makes us stand out from other student organizations. We pledge to be realistic, open, and honest with our clients at all times - protecting their business interests as if they were our own. Please check out testimonies form our past clients for more information!


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Our Vision

We empower minority-owned small businesses to build wealth in minority communities; bridge education inequality for low-income communities; and transform our economy into a more vibrant, inclusive space!

Watch our founder, Daniel Posmik, speak to the storytelling capabilities of data!