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The Application

What We Do

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence practice focuses on researching and structuring data. What does that mean? We gather data and structure it in a way that is understandable. That can include creating industry reports, internal data dashboards, or visualizing trends for you. We understand that information is key for every decision - so let us help you make more data-driven ones!


Analytics solutions constitute the core of our services! From financial analytics to operations research to marketing analytics: Let us help you get a better understanding of your everyday business needs! We focus on implementing analytics solutions that are sustainable - even for small businesses. 

Systems & Advanced Analytics

We offer in-depth expertise in systems and advanced analytical techniques. Anything from sales forecasting to systems integration: We provide guidance during all steps of the process. Thanks to our industry partnerships and talented grad students, our team has developed a strong practice in these areas.

Our Process



This is our Planning Phase; the final step of the application process. We live and breathe by the the 5 P's, "Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance" 



In this phase, we execute our project. Everything we do will be carefully communicated with you, as well as planned out in detail. 



The Results phase serves a validation purpose. We want to reserve some time to incorporate your feedback into the final deliverable.



The Implementation Phase is the final step in each of our projects. We take time to teach you what our results entail. Our main goal is to make our work sustainable long after we leave.

Our Process
Our Services

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