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Mpho Komanyane's Consulting 101

This past week, Neo was delighted to have Mpho Komanyane join their second general body meeting as a guest speaker.

Detailing her journey climbing the corporate ladder, Mpho spoke on the struggles she faced along the way. “How do I convince people to listen to me when

they think what I have to say isn’t important or even worth listening to?” is what Mpho defined as “Consulting 101”. Learning every step of the way, Mpho highlighted the importance of “filling your toolbox” with tools throughout your journey. Her collection of tools led her to her current role at AHEAD as the Digital Solutions Group PMO, Program Delivery Director, where she was able to start the first DEI Council.

A key takeaway the students gathered from her talk was the importance of being passionate about what you do while not letting your career define you.



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