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In the Know

Curious as to how business analytics, social impact, and community all come together to drive business forward for underrepresented small business owners?

Well, get “In the Know” with Neo, as our host, Joshua Moore speaks with industry-leading professionals in business analytics, small business owners in the Cincinnati community, and more to uncover the importance of business analytics and social impact in business today.


Dr. Littisha Bates

Joshua Moore speaks with Dr. Littisha Bates. Dr, Bates is the Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence and Community Partnerships at the University of Cincinnati College of Arts and Sciences. As well as an Associate Professor. But, Dr.Bates work doesn't stop there as she holds the labels of researcher, activist, mentor and so much more based upon the work and passion she puts forth each and every day. 


Daniel Posmik

Joshua Moore speaks with Daniel Posmik. Daniel is the Founder and past President of Neo Initiative which he created during his sophomore year (June 2020) at The University of Cincinnati. Without Daniel none of the work and impact Neo has had throughout the years would be possible!


Means Cameron

Joshua Moore speaks with Means Cameron, Owner and Creative Director for BlaCk OWned Outerwear, as well as Owner of Black Coffee Lounge, here in Cincinnati. Join them as they uncover the importance data analytics and social impact have in business today.

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